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Testimonies from Alumni

Presentations at DLB meetings

Catalysing change and investment in African institutions

Dr Vivienne Anthony

Prof. Shimelis Hussein

Prof. Gabrielle Persley

Applying DLB approaches in Sorghum Improvement in Uganda

Dr. Dramadri Isaac Onziga

The Impact of the DLB Approach on Modern Plant Breeding

Implication and Benefits for Education and Research Institutions

Dr. Nasser Yao

Understanding Africa’s plant Breeders and their variety portfolio

Challenges and Opportunities for emerging markets

Dr. Nasser Yao

DLB In Brief

@African Plant Breeding Academy Class IV

Dr. Nasser Yao

The value of a well defined product profile

Role and content definition

Dr. Nasser Yao

DLB Product concept and product profiling tools

Breeding Modernization Workshop

Dr. Nasser Yao

Fresh bean Pod - Product Profile


Dr. Stanley Nkalubo

DLB webinar series

The "Sormaize" innovation journey: From concept to market

Alexander Bombom


A novel breeding approach to develop faster cooking biofortified common beans

Claire Mukankusi Mugisha


Sustainable plant breeding with BRIO

Wallace Cowling

(The University of Western Australia)

Market research for product development: What has been learnt over the last 3 years?

Enid Katungi


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