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DLB Communication kits

Resources that may be used in Media events, Workshops and Seminars
Rollup Banner - About DLB

A rollup banner detailing what we do, our approach and methodology

Heading 5
Rollup Banner - DLB Statistics

A rollup banner detailing DLB principles and DLB Achievements in numbers

DLB 2-Page Brochure

Demystifying DLB in a simple 2 page brochure suitable for the non-technical audience in events and workshops

DLB PowerPoint Template

A Microsoft powerpoint file to be used as the standard template for all DLB presentations

DLB Media Banner with Partner Logos

An image background containing the DLB Logo as well as DLB partner Logos. To be used on all DLB and Partners joint events.

DLB Media Banner

An image background containing the DLB Logo, to be used as the media banner for all DLB events

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