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Cookie Policy

Use of Cookies in this website


This site is compliant to the EU Cookies Directive. We commit that only non-consent required cookies will be used on this site. Specifically, The following are the cookies in use;

  1. Authentication Cookies: To help identify you when you login to access the DLB Community of Practice resources. Specifically we check the Thematic Areas of interest to ensure the site serves you content that you have preferred. By login-in, you agree and permit this web resource to use and install Authentication cookies on your computer.

  2. Multimedia content support Cookies: In some instances, this site may provide multimedia content that you may then stream to your own device. We may store technical session data to help seamlessly deliver such multimedia content. By accessing any media (Video & Audio) from this site, you expressly permit us to use Content control cookies to ensure that media is streamed properly.

  3. Input Support Cookies: We use data tracking and remembering cookies on forms that you fill online. These cookies help you type and/or remember the previous typed values on your form. Your privacy relating to the data you provide in such forms is covered in our Privacy Policy.  By filling out information on any form provided under this site, you expressly permit us, to install and use Input Support Cookies.

Other than the use cases above, this site is free of cookies. The above not withstanding;


  1. DLB is committed to ensuring that your computer does not receive any harmless cookies from this site and all other DLB online resources accessed through this site.

  2. DLB is committed to ensuring that only data that you input through forms in this site will be captured and no other form of data capture will be necessary during the time you browse this site.

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