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Variety Development Strategy & Stage Plans

Variety Development Strategy and Stage Plans address the following five issues in strategy development and stage planning:

  • New variety development strategy: Ability to create a de-novo demand-led new variety of development strategy as a key communication document.

  • Development stage plan and decision-making: Clear understanding about the key components and benefits of a demand-led development stage plan that contains critical decision points (stage gates) and lists the information needed for line progression. The stage plan includes all the required activities and timelines to create new varieties of the target crop, together with clarity on by whom, when, and how decisions will be taken online progression.

  • Timelines and critical paths: Understanding the value of organizing the activities required for developing demand-led varieties into an optimized plan and how to determine the critical path sequence and to conduct critical path analysis. 

  • Risk management: Implementation of risk mitigation measures to reduce the likelihood of delays and ensure outputs are delivered on time.

  • Variety registration: Understanding the requirements and time scale to register a new improved variety for a crop in a country or region. Engaging with a variety registration officials to ensure registration procedures are able to address market and consumer demanded traits.

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