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Image by Megan Thomas

Target-Driven approach

(1) A target-driven approach;

Demand-led breeding is target driven. Emphasis is placed on quantitative goal and target setting, to enable improved varieties to reach the clients for whom they are designed and fulfill client expectations. This target driven approach is exemplified by the following best practices in demand-led breeding:

  • Variety design: A detailed list of traits with quantified levels of performance is defined to enable comparison with existing varieties before line progression can take place. 

  • Client quantification: Numbers of farmers, their location, market segments, and targeted clients in value chains are quantified at the outset of the breeding project.

  • Variety adoption: Target levels are set for adoption by farmers and monitored for success. Variety registration is important to enabling farmers to access a new variety.

  • Development stage plan: A time plan of activities to generate the data required to make line progression decisions is created before the start of the breeding project. The timing of inputs by clients and managers in making these decisions is determined as part of the stage plan and the stage gates that are the critical decision points are identified.

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